Concert Fidelity

US/Japanese collabConcert Fidelity of Karuizawa/Japan and Stereolab LLC have come to an agreement whereby Stereolab became the global sales and marketing arm for Concert Fidelity's expertly hand-crafted line of tube electronics. This arrangement has grown out of a long-term friendship and mutual admiration between Mr. Masataka Tsuda of Concert Fidelity and Chris Sommovigo of Stereolab (Black Cat Cable). "Tsuda-san's designs and more importantly the perfectionist execution of his designs, have always impressed me quite deeply," shared Mr. Sommovigo. "Over many years I have come to respect and admire him and can attest to the truly special nature of his creations. To own something made by Tsuda-san's hands is a privilege, in my opinion. I'm truly honored to be working with him." So now Stereolab LLC is the global point of contact for all sales inquiries from international distributors and dealers who may be interested in the Concert Fidelity line.