Coco but not Chanel – This is an unusual two-way hornspeaker from Japan's Hora Audio. It achieves a claimed 97dB sensitivity with 40Hz-25kHz bandwidth and 16Ω impedance. It measures 394 x 1177 x 526mm WxHxD and weighs 19kg. Coco's main body marries a full-range front horn with a curved-metal diffuser to a back-loaded bass horn for its 17cm French EMS widebander. The separate super-treble horn with 2.5cm soft-dome driver is a triple-cell design. Filter parts are from Mundorf and hookup wiring is from Van den Hul. The cabinet is made from solid paulownia or kiri, a very light and fine-grained fast-growing hardwood. The stand is solid oak. Pricing is ¥1'360'000 so ~€11'000/pr.