Clearaudio Concept Signature

ClearConcept upgraded – It's Clearaudio's new Concept Signature turntable [£1'200 nude, £2'223 package]. In full package mode with arm and cartridge, all key parameters are pre-set for instant plug 'n' play satisfaction. A new speed controller tracks belt tension, platter friction and temperature changes in real time plus performs automated calibration at each restart. For £250, the standard MDF plinth can become "solid wood layers bonded under high pressure". The top layer is high-tech satin plastic either way. The 30mm platter sits atop a high-density aluminium sub platter. The bearing is a polished tempered steel spindle in a sintered bronze bushing, running on a Teflon thrust pad. The platter is driven off a resonance-damped decoupled DC motor via flat belt.