Chord Ultima Pre 3

Thrice removed – That's Chord's Ultima Pre 3 [£6'000], "an entirely fresh design inside and out which takes advantage of the latest developments in low-distortion power supplies." There are 2:3 XLR:RCA inputs plus a separate AV bypass input individually buffered and filtered against RFI. Sealed microprocessor-triggered relays perform input switching. "The new fascia offers perfect symmetry centered on a circular on/off power sphere with the company’s polychromatic indicator lighting. That is flanked by a newly designed combined volume/input selector and balance/AV bypass control. The upper panel features a vented design enhanced with a dimmable LED light." Outputs are on XLR/RCA. There's also a 12V trigger and 5V/3A USB-A port for peripheral kit including the firm's own Qutest and Hugo 2. Finish options are black or silver.