Chord Powerhaus

Powerhaus – It's Chord Company's first-ever power distributor available in S6 [£1'000] and M6 [£2'000] levels with UK or EU plugs. "Virtually every component inside is uncompromising and was manufactured specifically for its intended purpose. Accordingly both M6 and S6 avoid noisy filters, power lights and switches. Their solid aluminium construction minimizes microphony effects. Instead of star wiring we favor three isolated bus bars running in parallel, limiting contact and reducing high-frequency noise. Secluding the earth bus bar from the live and neutral brought further sound quality improvements. The flagship M6 utilizes three hybrid MainsARAYs fitted in parallel rather than series. A high-performance 16A IEC allows the PowerHAUS to cope with even the most demanding home audio systems."

HAUS is shorthand for Hybrid Array Unfiltered Supply.