Carbide Audio Base Sapphire, Micro & Nano

Sapphire, Micro or Nano? – Carbide Audio's vibration isolation options just mushroomed. The Base Sapphire in the same body as the original replaces the optional Diamond insert's ceramic/diamond races with diamond-like carbon over hardened stainless steel. The smaller Base Micro [$175/ea] comes with either Sapphire [$275/ea] or Diamond [$475/ea] triple ball-bearing inserts like the big Base. Nano's single bearing does away with all viscoelastic decoupling and comes in standard [$199/3, $249/4] and diamond executions [$599/3, $749/4, left]. The latter adds a heat-treated manganese-copper nipple as vibration damper between component bottom and isolator. All these vibration isolation footers are height adjustable and made in Llano, Texas. The weight-rated so interchangeable viscoelastics of the Micro and Base can support a fully loaded heavy equipment rack; or be down-rated to individual lighter components. Either way, they add vertical isolation to the lower and upper ball bearings' horizontal isolation. Nano is primarily intended as a component-level add-on where a rack or isolation platform has already established a base level of vibration attenuation. With the two smaller new models and their respective options plus the Sapphire insert for the big Base in lieu of the costlier Diamond insert, the Carbide Audio workshop now has a solution for all scenarios and budgets.