Camerton Binom v2

Binom 1.2 – Camerton Audio's Binom-1 speaker is available in piano-gloss black or a new white lacquer option then fitted with the proprietary balsa widebander's Rev.2 version. That driver replaces its former aluminium elements with impregnated isotropic carbon fiber to increase its self damping and eliminate all eddy currents. The motor has been upgraded too and the totality of improvements is said to offer "a completely new presentation of the high frequencies." Our Warsaw correspondent Dawid Grzyb is currently preparing a review on the revised Binom-1 speaker. Before lending any ear yet, he's already confided that he could drown in the lacquer's luster. "Pictures just don't do any justice to the sheer finish quality at play here." Seeing how he prides himself in the quality of his photos, it seems that Dawid has his work cut out for himself.