B&W Pi5/7 S2

PI to the ears – B&W's new wireless ear buds might be your personal private investigator of sound. They are called Pi7 S2 [$399] and Pi5 S2 [$299] and follow up the firm's 2021 originals. "The 2nd-gen units maintain the hi-resolution sound of their predecessor while upgrading connectivity, battery life, user experience and finishes. Both feature upgraded wireless via re-engineered antenna with increased Bluetooth range up to 25m; and 5 hours of listening time. Quick charge adds two more hours in just 15 minutes. The charging cases for each model provide additional battery life so a further 16 hours for the Pi7 S2, 19 hours for the Pi5 S2. The Pi7 S2 is available in satin black, canvas white and midnight blue. The Pi5 S2 comes in cloud grey, storm grey, spring lilac and sage green. Both are fully integrated with the B&W Music App and support hi-res streaming direct from mobile device via Qobuz, Tidal and Deezer. The Pi7 S2 then features 9.2mm drive units joined by a high-frequency balanced armature driver, with each of the four drives actively driven by its own amplifier. There's also adaptive noise cancellation. That ANC system is paired with six microphones, three per earbud."