B+W 705

New Bowers & Wilkins – The 705 and 702 Signature models feature "a stunning new Datuk gloss ebony-colored veneer with distinctive grain. This custom finish combines the beauty of exotic real-wood veneers with the environmental benefits of a sustainably sourced supply from specialist Italian wood company Alpi under nine of coats of lacquer. The tweeter is a two-section carbon dome whose 30-micron aluminium dome is stiffened by a vapor-deposited layer of carbon. A 300-micron carbon ring profiled to match the main dome then bonds to the inner surface to add stiffness. First breakup mode is at 47kHz. The bullet tweeter housing is a solid 1kg mass of aluminum to provide a stiff less resonant structure. The midrange is an aluminium driver with decoupling system, the wooder an aerofoil cone whose outer skins are filled with an ESP core." The floorstanding 702 Signature [$6'500/pr] is a 3-way vented box with 25mm tweeter, 150mm midrange and 3 x 165mm woofers. The 705 Signature monitor [€4'000/pr] is a 2-way vented design with 25mm tweeter and 165mm mid/woofer.