Burson Audio Soloist Voyager

Voyager – It's Burson's top Soloist pre/headfi amp implementation with up to 10wpc in dual mono pure class A of 80-watt idle current [£2'774 or £3'329 standard or deluxe]. It runs dual buffered Muses 72320 volume controls, three levels of hardware crossfeed, three power levels and even packs a mono subwoofer output. Discrete op-amp rolling is part of the fun as are drive-anything chops. Remote control completes creature comforts in preamp mode. i/o are 2/ea. RCA/XLR in and single RCA/XLR out whilst the front has 3.5mm, 6.3mm and XLR4 headphone ports. The 24V/5A power supply is external.