Borresen M1

Formula M1 is here – That would be Børresen's new €94K/pr flagship monitor. Though looking similar to the original 01, there are profound very costly differences. The M1's 4.5" mid/woofer's basket is 3D-printed zirconium for maximum stiffness and self damping. The driver diaphragm is a 4-layer bond of spread-tow carbon fiber skins separated by aramid honeycomb spacers then finished with an outer zirconium-coated titanium skin. This layered makeup is said to upshift first resonances to 8kHz so well beyond the 2.5kHz filter transition. The motor system takes the company's patented iron-free concept to solid-silver pole rings. All metal components of the M1 undergo in-house cryogenic treatment. The tweeter is the company's own 94dB-efficient sealed ribbon. The crossover is a series type. Noise-attenuating tech from sister company Ansuz includes Tesla coils and 3rd-gen analog dither. Mechanical resonance attenuation happens via Darkz Z2S roller-ball decouplers between the stand's top and bottom titanium layers. Hookup wiring is Ansuz Gold Signature. Finish is piano-black gloss. Basic specs are 87dB/1W sensitivity and 6Ω impedance.