Bony Sound Jazz 2022

2022 Jazz – It's the two-way Jazz 2022 from Spain's Maximino López who via bonySound sells direct this Accuton 2-way floorstander built into a Birch ply enclosure pre-tensioned in all three axes with internal carbon-steel rods. His drivers of choice are a 30mm inverted sapphire tweeter and 173mm matching mid/woofer with 2.5kHz Mundorf filter frequency and 86dB sensitivity. Accuton's 30mm diamond tweeter is a surcharge option. Claimed bandwidth is 35Hz-25kHz, dimensions are 108x40x45cm HxWxD, weight is 42kg. Pricing comes to €8'900/pr or €13'550/pr with diamond tweeters. Finish options are high-gloss or matte lacquer over black or white with rosewood, walnut, apple or ebony sides. The unusual company name references the vibrating bones inside the inner ear.