Bellini & Donizetti

Audio Analogue renovate two classics – "In 2016, Italian brand Audio Analogue celebrated their 20th birthday by launching a line of Anniversary editions of earlier classic amplifiers. Now the Puccini and Maestro integrated models are joined by the new Bellini preamplifier and Donizetti power amplifier. Whilst those  share a name with the originals, in every other respect they feature completely new designs and technologies. A fully differential zero global feedback design from input to output, Bellini takes its inspiration from the preamp stage of the Maestro Anniversary integrated, then pushes further. Starting with the power supply, the Bellini features a bespoke inductive-capacitive filter to minimize mains interference. The dual-mono fully balanced gain stage features a single-stage transconductance amplifier to make the preamplifier even quieter. The complex four-layer circuit board positions each component to minimize noise as well as carefully routing the input, output and control signals so that any potential noise is eliminated. Only audiophile grade components are used throughout, relay-operated switches ensure linearity and internal wiring is 7N OCC copper. Rather than use a traditional potentiometer for volume control, the Bellini uses a ladder of carefully selected fixed-value resistors. A solid aluminium remote control completes the package.

"Also a zero global feedback fully balanced design, the Donizetti power amplifier delivers 250W into 8Ω stereo, with power doubling as impedance halves. The amplifier is dual mono down to two separate 1200VA toroidal power transformers. As in the Bellini, the circuit features the single gain stage transconductance amplifier plus 12 bipolar output transistors per channel. Again a four-layer printed circuit board positions sensitive components as far from the power transformers as possible and ensures that the input signal path never crosses that of the output signal. All components are of the highest level, from military-standard resistors to audio-grade capacitors, 7N OCC copper wiring and gold-plated connectors. Donizetti can also be operated in mono configuration. This delivers a staggering 1kW into 8 ohms."