Axxess news

The axis of Axxess – Audio Group Denmark's entry-level brand leverages tech from Aavik, Ansuz and Børresen at lower pricing. Expanding that portfolio now are the L1 and L3 loudspeakers, a 2-way monitor and 4-driver floorstander respectively, both with a Kapton planar tweeter and tri-layer spread-tow carbon fibre 4.5" dynamic drivers with an aramid core and double copper-cap pole rings. The new Axxess cable loom includes a power cord, interconnect, speaker cable, digital cable and Ethernet link. For resonance control, Axxess raid the Ansuz Darkz drawer to trickle down the Noir ball-bearing isolator. Pricing for the novelties starts at €175 for a 1m BNC digital cable, goes to €900 for a 4m pair of speaker cables, hits €2'500/€5'000/pr for the speakers in black or white satin (add €1K for the monitor stand) and €550 for a quad of Noir.