James Cameron's spinner – That'll be the Denafrips Avatar, a top-loading disc transport with comprehensive digital outputs and word-clock input. It can upsample up to 352.8kHz and output that over three different I²S ports (HDMI and 2 x RJ45). Coax, Toslink and AES/EBU outputs support up to 176.4kHz and a 75Ω BNC input accepts 22.4792Mhz and 45.1584MHz external clocks. The transport is a Philips CDM4/19 of which Denafrips stockpile 3000 pieces for long product support. There are 12 ultra low-noise precision linear voltage regulators and the digital data is buffered, then reclocked by femto oscillator for a low-jitter output of the digital signal. A full metal remote is included.