Avantgarde Acoustics Colibri C2

Mini Avantgarde? – It's the Colibri C2, a 98dB 2-way with 1.5" mid/high driver loaded into a 35cm spherical horn working with a 700Hz filter into twinned 6½" woofers set inside dispersion blades for 65Hz-19kHz bandwidth. For lower bass there's the optional 70-litre Sub C18 with ±10mm of throw and 1.2kW of power which can be docked in the same stand as shown to then enter at 70Hz. DSP tuning can be set on the sub itself or via control software. The head module can also mount vertically, with the sub then placed separately. Toothed rings in the stand bracket allow for precise stable tilt and height adjustments. Three finish options apply. Dimensions are 35 x 39 x 66cm WxDxH, weight is 18.5kg.