Avantages monitors

Advantages – From Franck Tchang's Parisian Avantages Audio workshop come two new monitors called N°56 [€3'200/pr] and N°68 [€3'800/pr]. "Amazing frequency response for monitors with aluminium mid/woofers in front and paper cone passive radiators in the back. Their 25mm tweeter plates diamond atop a magnesium substrate to act as super tweeter. The smaller model uses a 15cm widebander with a 18cm passive radiator. It has a 3kHz high-pass, 85dB sensitivity, dimensions of 18.5 x 30.5 x 16cm WxHxD and weighs just 6kg. The bigger model scales up to an 18cm widebander and 22cm passive radiator, gains 1dB of sensitivity and slightly lowers the filter hinge to 2.8kHz. It weighs 9kg and measures 24x40x20cm WxHxD." The N°56 promises bandwidth of 40Hz – 45kHz, the N°68 plumbs to 30Hz.