Audirvana Studio

16.5.21 – It's the day when Audirvãna Studio became available for a €69.99/yr subscription fee. Compatible with the latest Windows and MacOS platforms, this rebuilt French player software with free remote control apps now offers tighter integration between local and cloud-based files from Qobuz, Tidal and HiResAudio, adds Internet radio stations, new R8 Brain and SoundExchange upsampling algorithms, file analyzers for onboard HD certification, better serial plug-in integration and "the most transparent playback path for Windows 10 in Kernel streaming mode." Who is it for? People who want the very best sound and user experience when playing back music from a computer. Current users of Audirvãna receive preferential pricing when upgrading to Studio.

The name has changed with a straight-line macron above the second 'a'. That's incompatible with Google's web fonts. It indicates a minor accent when pronouncing Audirvahna. The ã with the wavy tilde is incorrect but we used it in lieu of the macron which Internet browsers rendered as ?. Why not use a fully integrated à/á instead? Many people already mispronounced the name as Audiovana. Now they'll misspell it as Audirv?na. But then nobody asked us. Désolé. That aside, our publisher is a very happy Audirvana 3.5 user. Studio should be better still. Who cares about spelling now? Not us. Audio nirvana? Listen, then decide!