Audiovector R6

R6 – It's a new range from Danish loudspeaker house Audiovector consisting of the models Arreté [€28K/pr], Avantgarde [€20K(pr] and Signature [€14'750/pr]. All are available in matte walnut or gloss rosewood veneers, gloss white or black lacquers. Common to all also is a new internal isobaric 6.5"+8" woofer system which vents through two front-firing ports. The top 4.5-way Arreté model adds a 3" rear-firing paper midrange with its own crossover. The entry-level model uses a dome tweeter, the other two the firm's air-motion transformers. Common to all again are filter hinges at 100, 300 and 3'000Hz, a 6.5" carbon midrange as well as dimensions of 123.4 x 27.8 x 43.1xm HxWxD. Sensitivity is from 91.5 – 92.5dB depending on model.