Audio Phonique

Phonique it in – You can with new Polish brand Audio Phonique who crash the gate party with 12 products from cables to power delivery to solid-state to DHT electronics. The D150 integrated shown has a PCM/DSD DAC with AES/EBU, coax and USB, MM phono, 3 line-level inputs and one XLR.  It delivers 180/300wpc into 8/4Ω from a class D output stage with shielded MeanWell SMPS plus two smaller toroids for other circuitry and uses a 65 x 1dB stepped resistor ladder for volume. Voltage gain is 37dB, finish options are black or silver with matching FMJ remote. Audio Phonique's top range meanwhile looks at Ancient Audio and LampizatOr by embracing Emission Labs 45, PX25 or 1605 power tubes for classic transformer-coupled direct-heated triode circuits in polished stainless steel chassis.