Audio Group Denmark Munich

Viking raid in Munich – It's what Audio Group Denmark promise with their brands Aavik, Ansuz and Børresen. The latter will launch the M1 shown. It premiers new diaphragm tech of bonding a 0.04mm surface-treated titanium skin to Nomex honey comb surrounded on both sides by spread-tow carbon. The matching basket now is 3D-printed zirconium. The motor system's trademark copper rings become pure silver for still lower inductance. Børresen will also preview their new X Speaker Series with carbon-fiber reinforced cabs. Aavik will show the 200wpc class A 880 integrated with LDR volume control we covered in an earlier post. Cosmetics are now by Flemming Rasmussen. Ansuz will show a new D-TC Gold Signature cable range which, as the name indicates, features a silver/copper alloy with gold. To become part of this Viking raid and talk to the company principals, present yourself in Hall 4 room T04 and U03.