Audio Analogue AADAC

AA – In 2016, Audio Analogue celebrated their 20th birthday with a handful of new Anniversary editions of earlier classic amplifiers. By 2018, the brand had launched its PureAA line of products. Following the existing AAcento amplifier and AAphono model now comes the new AAdac [£3'299 incl. VAT]. "While the Anniversary amps are masters of minimalist focus, the PureAA line adds features designed to appeal to music lovers who seek a wider range of functions and connections in a single product. The new AAdac's simple design conceals a wide variety of flexible functions include seven different digital filters, variable mode to operate as preamplifier and adjustments to channel balance and display brightness." Talking points are the ES9038 DAC for 32/768 PCM and DSD512 compliance, Amanero USB, S/PDIF, Toslink and AES/EBU, Bluetooth aptX, fully balanced discrete circuity and a high-quality headfi port.