AT news

AT&T – Today that means Audio Technica news times two. Welcome their AT-DAC100 [$699] and matching AT-BHA100 [$999] balanced hybrid tube headphone amp. The latter exploits 4 x JJ ECC 83S for voltage gain plus a quad of power transistors for the current buffer. Outputs are on 4.4mm and XLR4 plus twin 6.3mm. Two headphones can run simultaneously, with separate volume control for each. A line output anticipates powered speakers and inputs are on RCA and XLR. Inside are New Radio Japan Muse 8220 op amps, Wima and Shinyei film caps and a four-layer PCB. External is the power supply. The DSD 512 DAC also supports 32/768 PCM and runs off the AKM AK4452 VN converter plus TI LME 49860 op amps with Nichicon and Wima caps. There are USB-B/C inputs, coax and Toslink and RCA outputs plus an external power adapter. Metal brackets can run each component upright on its narrow end.