Fight the static – Furutech's new ASB-1 anti-static brush aims at removing static charge from CDs, vinyl records, even camera lenses. Its patented  SK-III predecessor, we're told, "was a big hit not only for A/V applications. It was also employed by the Japanese Police Force in crime scene investigations thanks to its reliability and effectiveness at removing tiny dust particles and static interference." The fibres of the replacement model "feature Corebrid™ by Mitsubishi. The core of these fibres is formed from high-density, carbon-based, highly conductive particles. While conventional anti-static brushes attract static charge to cling to the fibres' surface where they can potentially be discharged back onto your media, the ASB-1 conducts static charge away through the core of the fibres for a more effective result. The static charge is trapped and forced to ground." Pricing is £140 incl. VAT