Aray, not array – "20 years after the original Signature line was first introduced, The Chord Company have launched new and improved versions of two of their popular digital cables. The new UK-built Signature Super Aray Digital [£800/m] and Signature Super Aray USB [£500/m] interconnects feature the latest version of the unique tuned aray conductor geometry plus a number of design and construction improvements. At the heart of the new digital cable are two 75-ohm silver-plated oxygen-free-copper conductors with PTFE insulation. The conductors benefit from a high-density combination silver-plated braid and foil with effective HF shielding. Connectors are the company’s ultra-low-mass silver-plated RCA with precision-machined PTFE plug surrounds. The new USB cable employs high-precision silver-plated oxygen-free-copper twisted bi-data conductors with separate shielding for the data and power conductors. Tri-layer composite insulation (polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, polyethylene) protects the signal from detrimental RF noise."