Ansuz Sparkz TC3

Let the sparkz fly – You can, with the new Ansuz Sparkz TC3 [€1'200]. What is it?  Ansuz call it a power-line harmonizer aka noise-cancellation plug for open mains sockets. What's in it? 3rd-gen analog dither tech developed from radar tech where it provides stronger signal across longer ranges. Ansuz do it with six pulsating active Tesla-coil cells and ICs which emit a programmed anti-phase noise signal. The plug housing is cast polyoxymethylene, a semi-crystalline thermoplastic. The plug can terminate in different pins for various markets. The device measures 39.4 x 71.2mm. By containing the same tech as is found in Ansuz power distributors, even ordinary juice bars can be 'hot-rodded' with it as long as they have at least one spare outlet for a Sparkz TC3.