Ansuz Gold Signature

Ansuz go for gold – In the UltraFi Olympics, Denmark just unleashed a whole team of Ansuz challengers spanning flagship cables and power distributors. "When used in the right quantities and in combination with silver and copper, gold can dramatically improve the sonic potential of all our technologies. Zirconium is another material we tested in various products which gave them unprecedented levels of resonance control. It was only logical to include zirconium in the new Gold Signature series." Gold thus shows up as cable conductor, ground wire or base wire for dual tesla and resonance coils. The housings of the Signature range's power distributors finish in a new coating of zirconium, tungsten, aluminium titanium nitride and a final outer layer of zirconium again. Their laminate plinth finishes in titanium skins whilst the company's analog dither tech is in its now 3rd generation. A la Audioquest, even the Teflon dielectrics of these best new Ansuz cables are now charged with a small standing voltage for still lower distortion. Zirconium also features in proprietary Ansuz noise-reduction tech.