Ansuz Gen3

3G – It's the next generation of the Ansuz PowerSwitch catalogue which upgrades the prior X-TC, A2 and D2 network switch models for an even cleaner streamed signal. This begins with 3rd-gen analog dither tech where "active Tesla coils send pulsating anti-phase signals with precisely defined frequencies to significantly amplify the music signal but eliminate background noise. The same tech integrates in the Børresen M1 speaker and Aavik 880 amplifier." The next wrinkle are dual Tesla coils wound in counter directions. "The two coils carry voltage. When one encounters a spike, the counter coil activates to eliminate the noise. Since such noise spikes carry virtually no current, cancellation isn't perfect so connecting more Tesla coils in parallel enhances the effect." Then there's the active zirconium Tesla coil. "An impressive improvement of our anti-aerial resonance coil technology, incorporating a zirconium rod creates a higher level of resonance control." Composite enclosures reduce hysteresis over metal chassis. There's also a built-in PowerBox linestage section to interface with the most advanced Ansuz cables.