Albedo Agadia

Massimo Costa strikes again? – This time it's the Albedo Agadia with diamond or ceramic tweeter. Either option combines with a 5" ceramic midrange and three 7" ceramic woofers all from Accuton's Cell Concept range via 2nd-order acoustic filters for 86dB/4Ω sensitivity. At dimensions of 45 x 28 x 140cm DxWxH, the build remains reasonably compact but 140kg/ea. of raw mass shows unexpected seriousness of construction. These cabinets are naturally endowed with Massimo's trademark Helmoline resonators to cancel internal propagation effects, linearize the impedance and with it, optimize an amplifier's control over the woofers. The available finish is black leather with walnut as shown. Why the question mark? As Massimo corrected me after the fact, "I must point out that this is no design of mine or rather, that it started with an idea I never finished because in the meantime my job changed. Due to the 4-hour driving distance between me and Albedo and the fact that I'm getting older, I handed off all design work for Albedo to young designer Juan Loyaza now." I'd not known that but now the record has been set straight. Let's acknowledge Mr. Loyaza as Albedo's current lead designer!