Acme – The latest subsidiary of Chris Sommovigo's Stereolab LLC with his Black Cat Cable brand, "Acme is the name for the compartment in which I’ll be producing unterminated 'bulk' cable for hobbyists and colleagues. My first product is an elegant little hookup wire called A19 for Acme and the summed gauge of 32 fine tin-plated copper conductors braided around a 3mm Japanese cotton cord. The overall jacket is a black nylon mult-ifilament yarn though I can run various colors for custom orders. A19 can be used as internal hookup wire for loudspeakers and electronics, as a system-ground cable with existing grounding components, as loudspeaker cables in twisted pairs or multiple parallel lines to sum to higher gauges and even as interconnect cables in twisted pairs. Overall OD is 5mm. Retail price is slated at $10 per running foot and this product is available for immediate shipment by request."