Aavik news

Aavikacious – Denmark's Aavik expand their electronics range with new flagship 880 models of €67K/ea. I-880 integrated, C-880 preamp and P-880 power amp. "The primary development goal was to create a powerful pure Class A amplifier with lowest possible output impedance. Class A amps typically apply high constant current to their output devices. This not only associates with high power consumption but adversely affects sound quality because traditional linear power supplies with their big transformers' many windings create undue induction for transient delay; and stray capacitances to pass high-frequency noise from the mains." Aavik's platform maintains its bias 0.63V above the required current for up to 200wpc of Class A operation without consuming unnecessary power by exploiting 4 x 500-watt highly efficient switching power supplies. The 880 range is a creative collaboration between Michael Børresen and Flemming Rasmussen.