Aavik 180

Doing a 180°… away from integration into full separation again are Aavik Acoustics with their new 180 range. Shown are the RCA 5:1 i/o I-180 integrated with 300wpc of Pascal-based class D; and the D-180 DAC for PCM and DSD with 1 x USB and 2 x BNC/Toslink each plus analog RCA outs. This new series also includes the R-180 MC phono stage and S-180 streamer with Aavik Stream control app which integrates playback from Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, NAS, USB storage, One-Drive, Dropbox, iCloud and more.

Each 180 model is priced at €5'999 and built from wood-composite panels to avoid metal-based hysteresis effects.

Also new is the 280 range which upgrades the parts pedigree and unique Aavik/Ansuz noise-attenuating solutions built into the 180 models.

The 580 equivalents use an inner chassis of pure copper with an outer titanium-reinforced composite enclosure, titanium Darkz footers and other pure titanium parts. Like the Ansuz catalogue did already, the new Aavik approach shares the same chassis dimensions, look and features across its models but upgrades core parts/tech across three discrete good-better-best tiers.