8K Optical

8K optical – That's Wireworld's new Stellar 8K optical HDMI 2.1 cable. "The next-gen 8K/120 video standard of HDMI2.1 created a cable requirement to support 48 Gigabits per second. Conventional copper HDMI cables can only do so over a few meters. Fiber optics are required to support 48Gbps over longer lengths. Stellar utilizes world-class parts, materials and construction techniques. The laser modules are from US company II-VI, a leading supplier of laser devices. The driver chipset is from Germany's Silicon-Line, a leader in microchip technology. The cable’s four optical fibers are superior OM3 laser-optimized grade. The cable structure features double-thickness shields and several high-strength Kevlar fiber bundles for increased durability and freedom from interference. Stellar supports all HDMI2.1 capabilities including HDR10+, HDCP2.3, Ethernet, Enhanced ARC, Deep Color etc. Durable die-cast zinc plugs feature the extremely narrow width of 18mm/0.7" so they can be pulled through common electrical conduit. Stellar is also UL-CMP/FT6 plenum rated for residential and commercial installations." Pricing is $450/5m, $500/10m, $550/15m, $600/20m, $700/30m.