Lumin P1

Hubby dearest – Lumin's new P1 combines a network music player and digital preamp into a digital audio hub. Aside from a plethora of digital inputs, there's one XLR and RCA analog input mirrored by RCA and XLR analog outputs. Twin ES9028Pro DACs support PCM384 and DSD512 and there's fibre networking. A dual-toroid power supply remains linear not switching and Leedh Processing as embraced also by Soulution and Métronome offers lossless digital volume control. The Roon Ready Austrian-made remote control combines acrylic and zink and Lumin's IR receiver is compatible with universal remotes, phones and automation systems. HDMI ARC integrates ideally with a 2.0 video system and all popular streaming services and codecs like Spotify, MQA, Roon, Tidal and Qobuz are supported. Finish is black or silver