St. Peter's boxes? – The Five17 from Heavenly Soundworks just might be. This 5-driver 3-way active combines a 1" tweeter with a 3.5" midrange and 5" woofer augmented by two sidefiring 8" passive radiators. Three nCore amps drive the lot for a claimed ±1dB bandwidth of 30Hz-20kHz with 108dB of continuous SPL capability. Yet the celestial works fit into just 15.25 x 8.5 x 11.5" HxWxD and don't weigh more than 24lbs. Available veneers are zebrano, rosewood and ebony. Inputs are digital (AES/EBU, coax and Toslink) and analog (RCA and XLR) and the primary speaker has an LED indicator and IR eye for the Hypex remote.

Is it time for the angels to get off their clouds and down to earth for a party? At $10K/pr, it'll have to be a quite illustrious gig.