The bridge under the Linden – Kinda. Today is about Lindemann, their Limetree family and within that, their new Network II [€995] and Bridge II [€795]. What's new in these gen2 versions? For the Network II, it's an ES9038 Sabre DAC, sub 500fs clock, high-quality analog volume control, high-current headphone output and IR remote. The volume control has separate settings for headfi and line-out, the balance control covers ±6dB in 1dB steps and the headphone output has a 0/12dB gain option. There are also 7 different oversampling filters and hi/lo LED brightness. For the Bridge II, the output sample rate limit can now be set to 48, 96 or 192kHz. Upsampling is either integer or zero. DSD support has been dropped. Such files should now be resampled to PCM in player software