Camerton next generation

Retuned tuning fork – That's the new Binom-A1 Rev.2 driver from Oleh Lizohub of Camerton Audio where camerton is Cyrillic for, yes, tuning fork. This unique 35Hz-25kHz small widebander's next-gen upgrade replaced "the aluminum elements of the compact balsa wood diaphragm with isotropic carbon fiber impregnated with a high-damping compound. The mechanical properties of this material are tens of times higher than aluminum alloys. This allows a more flexible approach to optimizing diaphragm operation and our special impregnation completely damps unwanted resonances. Another plus is the high electrical resistance of this material which in combination with its special hand-made isotropic structure completely excludes the occurrence of secondary electric currents in it. This prevents affecting a strong magnetic field on the movement of the diaphragm and causing distortion in it. The magnetic system also was upgraded to further homogenize the magnetic field. In addition to gluing to achieve greater strength, now it is also tightened with special bolts."