Serious Sirius – That's Auralic's Sirius G2.1 [€6'699], a D/D converter, reclocker and resampler with 20-band parametric EQ and codes assignable to existing remotes for IR control over certain functions. Inputs are on AES/EBU, USB, Toslink and coax and matched by equivalent outputs which double up on USB  There's also an RJ45 firmware update port and the company's HDM-based 18Gbps Lightning link. PCM and DSD can be upsampled or resampled to the opposing format to feed the attached DAC its favorite format. That includes making an upsampled DSD signal available on USB. Four different digital filters allow for further sonic fine tuning. The aluminium chassis is internally copper lined similar to how Aavik's 580 components do it. The main processor is a Xilinx XC7200T FPGA and three femto clocks handle the reclocking.