Ah, Vic! – No, it's not Auntie Victoria today but Danish brand Aavik who have released their 180, 280 and 580 ranges of DAC, phonostage, integrated amp and streamer. "Regardless of series, we use Tesla coils, dither circuitry and anti-aerial resonance coils from sister company Ansuz to drive down the noise level and secure unconstrained signal flow." The amplifiers exploit Pascal's patented 300wpc UMAC™ class D tech. The DACs provide four different settings to accommodate individual preferences. The streamers use six separate low-noise regulated power supplies. The phonostages have completely quiet input sections to unmask even the finest musical detail of vinyl. The chassis are now made of a wood-based composite not aluminium and the same enclosure shape is shared by all models though the 580 versions upgrade to internal casings of solid copper whose outer casing gains titanium struts. While the basic performance specs between each model version remain unchanged, the 280 variants use more noise-suppression coils and dither modules, the 580 types even more. This becomes a good/better/best scheme where the basic 180 platforms get tweaked to become 280 and tweaked to the hilt to become 580. It's a black eye on those who insist that things which spec the same sound the same and that anyone who hears otherwise is delusional.