Jotunheim 2

Schiity seconds, served – That'll be Jotunheim 2 [still $399] with optional MM phono [+$100], dual AKM4490 DAC [+$100] or true multi-bit DAC [$200]. It's otherwise still a one/each XLR/RCA i/o affair with 6.3mm and XLR4 headfi ports on the front. Inside is DC-coupled fully balanced Nexus circuitry with a 4-gang Alps Blue Velvet potentiometer. 1%-tolerance input Jfets, gain, input and output switching by relays, 60'000µF of filter capacitance, a linear power supply and Continuity S output stage wrap up the specs to exceed the precursor. For juiciness, there's a gushing 7.5wpc into 16Ω on the balanced headphone port which still does 600mW into 600Ω. Typical power consumption is 25 watts, dimensions are 9 x 6 x 2" WxDxH and weight is 6lbs.