Moonriver Model 404 Reference

Super clone – Moonriver Audio's 50wpc Model 404 integrated was already a rare form of full-function 'gain clone' by which the colloquial term means having op-amp based outputs like the original 47labs Gaincard. With the new Reference [€4'995], cosmetics, power specs and features remain virtually unchanged but the power supplies scale up and capacitance doubles. "The dynamic character of the amplifier digs out more detail and low-level information; the soundstage is much deeper and articulate; the space between instruments is vast while the bass has greater authority and is more confident than ever before. The texture of each individual instrument is exposed exponentially in comparison with the Standard version. The Moonriver 404 Reference can drive most speakers in the market to significant levels. WBT nextgen speaker terminals ensure the massive flow of current from the amplifier’s output stage to the speakers."