Raal Requisite HSA-1b

Full power into 0.3Ω – Why would you need or even want that? For Raal Requisite's SR1a true-ribbon headphones. Without step-up transformers which would make them far too heavy to wear, they present as virtual short. Schiit's Jotunheim R specialty amplifier for just that load is now joined by Raal's own integrated called HSA-1b [$4'500]. Unlike the far more affordable Schiit, Raal's comes with XLR4 and 6.3mm ports to also suit conventional headphones; and with banana outputs to offer loudspeakers a solid 10/20/40/55wpc into 8/4/2/1Ω. RCA/XLR inputs and a 24-step discrete resistor-ladder volume control round out the specs.