iFi Neo iDSD

Neo returns to the DSD matrix – Hello Neo iDSD [£699]. It's iFi Audio's latest 3-in-1 DAC, preamp and headamp. D/A conversion is by 768kHz PCM/DSD512 BurrBrown silicon with USB, coax, optical and Bluetooth. Headfi exits via 3.5/6.4mm balanced ports. Preamplitude carries RCA/XLR outputs and a micro-processor controlled resistor ladder for analog not digital volume. There's MQA, XMOS USB, femto clocking and selectable digital filtering. The output stage was co-designed by John Curl of Vendetta Research and Parasound. Keanu contributed the name, Thorsten Loesch the rest. And to go upright, there's an included stand to secure the box on its narrow side. This automatically also flips the orientation of the display like Burson.