2yu – Chord are back with cute names and kit, this time the 2yu [£449] digital interface for their portable 2go streamer/server. "This creates our first network bridge for DACs, DAC-equipped A/V devices and our Hugo M Scaler. In addition to streaming, 2go's 2 x 2TB-rated SD card slots enable the combo as an audiophile-grade music server. 2go's SD storage capacity is tested for up to 4TB. 2yu securely connects to 2go and adds optical, coax and BNC outputs plus highly flexible USB-A. Hugo M Scaler owners can upscale the output to take performance to the next level. 2go/2yu is readily updatable with cloud-based firmware updates. It ships with v.1.5.0 which introduces new radio listening and SD card playback features plus improved stability. 2go/2yu controls easily with several popular UPnP apps for Android and iOS. Gofigure adds additional convenience, management features and a library playback option. 2go/2yu benefits from gapless, DoP/bit-perfect and AirPlay support and is fully DLNA-compliant. 2yu boasts 2'000 MIPS (million instructions per second) processing power, automatic downsampling for sample rate-limited legacy DACs plus a low-jitter PLL. 2yu is handmade in the UK from aircraft-grade aluminium with four polychromatic spherical controls governing output selection, power, mute and dim functions."