Børresen 2024 reveals for Munich HighEnd

Tease me, please me? – Børresen ask the question with this teaser of their forthcoming C1 and C3 speaker models. Not yet visualized to pounce as surprise at the Munich show is the T5, "the first member of the forthcoming Børresen T series, a loudspeaker with a completely unique design and incorporating innovative technologies from premium Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen products." The C-range mid/woofers with spread-tow carbon skins use a new resin binder with micro boron and graphene fibers for cross-linked strength advantages whilst the planar tweeter is the firm's highest-performing iteration. A C2 smaller floorstander will eventually complete this range. The cabinets are once again HDF but now add 1mm carbon-fibre inserts on the sides for extra rigidity and a racier look.