Goldmund Mimesis Reference

G for geez? – Only if you haven't got a spare 125'000 Swiss. Otherwise it's G for Goldmund's new Mimesis Reference, an analogue fully balanced preamp which allocates an outboard power supply to just its digital circuitry. There are seven inputs, balance control, a record loop and a menu to set display brightness/time-out, ±12dB global input gain and input names. The SSP input is a direct feed-thru for HT purposes. Max output level is 4.8/9.6Vrms RCA/XLR, ±3dB bandwidth 0.2Hz – 1.2MHz, input sensitivity 100mV, saturation at 5Vrms, nominal input impedance 39kΩ. Slew rate is 2'500V/µs, S/NR better than 126dB from DC to 10MHz. The combined weight of both chassis is 45kg. For more details, refer to the product's webpage.