Adnan Joubran

Borders Behind is the solo album by one of the three brothers of the fiery Palestinian oud formation Le Trio Joubran. Sporting angular ensemble work over dense polyrhythmic drums and percussion, the title indicates clear breakout mode from traditional Arabian stylings for Adnan's virtuoso oud. This adds complex tabla fireworks to the usual frame and staccato djembe drums, Indian vocal percussion, spitty traverse flute, moody cello and slinky saxophone. From jagged lightning riffs with bent blue notes to slower maqam interludes, the tracks shift many gears but complex odd-metered percussion and technically high standards of inventive musicianship factor regardless. It makes Borders Behind a very exciting discovery in the purely instrumental milieu of advanced Middle-Eastern music and thus brushes up against free-styling modern Flamenco including the occasional palmas and jaleos. This BandCamp link has you all set with listening and downloading.