Get syng'd up three ways. With Syng's Cell Alpha, you can. Inside the truncated sphere, this fully class D active omni monitor packs two force-cancelling up/down-firing 16.5cm/6.5" flat-cone woofers seated in a central sphere. That core contains three coaxial drivers spaced at an even 120° degrees. Those load into a ring of narrow slot horns for 360° dispersion. Tall floor stands and shorter desktop/ceiling mounts connect this futuristic device to terra firma or the rafters. Like Devialet's Phantom, the Syng claims useful bass to the ends of the scale so 23Hz. An app controls AirPlay 2 and Spotify/Tidal Connect. Multiple built-in microphones measure the space not only to integrate the response but also to sync perfect coverage when two stereo or even three tri-field units as below play together. Besides wireless, two USB-C ports in the upper stand support wired connections. There's even a USB-C to HDMI cable for an eARC port to link up a tellie.

Working mathematicians already determined that this amounts to eight drivers per satellite. To complete this math, a single Alpha Cell on the short stand gets €2'399, with taller stand €2'499. There's an online shop and growing number of dealer locations; including Harrods and Selfridges. An omni present for you or a loved one?

Equal sound everywhere? Not without at least power cords.