rePro not trans ducer

Today's it's not Emilio Estevez in Repo Man. Today it's the Epic range of the rePro Men. That's short for sonic reproduction not reprogramming. By capitalizing 'P' they emphasize the word 'pro'. Et voilà, professional active monitors designed in Germany then built in China using their own aluminium drivers, pure analog signal paths—no DSP—and passive radiators in lieu of ports. ±5dB 250Hz/2.5kHz pots, RCA and XLR inputs, 4" or 5¼" mid/woofers complete basic specs.

By stacking two Epic 5 without doubling up on the tweeter, the butterfly-joint lookalike Epic 55 gets two auxiliary bass radiators – one on bottom, the other on top. From the mid/woofer diameters you can tell that these aren't big.

They are meant for nearfield or midfield listening. They're groomed for linearity, low distortion and high SPL capabilities. Already the €1.2K/pr Epic 4 applies 50 watts of class D power to each of its drivers. The Epic 5 goes to 2x75W. A frontal aluminium baffle continues as MDF finished in a faux brushed-aluminium laminate.

Could these be ideal problem solvers for home-based listeners without the space, budget or desire to accommodate big passive floorstanders? Why they might be I previewed in another recent feature called NFL for nearfield love. To say anything more would require actual listening. I put in word but heard nothing back…