The return of the widebander

In current times, the single-driver genre began its career way off the mainstream. Later Voxativ then Cube did probably most of the heavy lifting to finally gain it mainstream acceptance. Zu converged on the same level of visibility later acceptance on a rather different tangent. Regardless, the widebander is now an acknowledged if still very niche way of executing speaker design.

With their very first loudspeaker in the portfolio since the music:book range of electronics, Germany's Lindemann Audio just joined the widebander ranks with a very domesticated take on the art. The premiere was at the Warsaw fall show last year. Rather than go after the classic whizzer-cone 8"-10" driver in a capacious quarter-wave box, they've opted for the far smaller Chinese-made Mark Audio Alpair platform which does away with a conventional spider and features mechanical decoupling of its central 'plug' with ascending frequencies to act as a virtual coax without any electrical crossover.

The Move monitor in its grey HDF cab with thin black aluminium front plate does sport a filter but it's a mere single-cap high pass on the auxiliary AMT 'super' tweeter which extends the magnesium-alloy driver's ~9kHz response to 36kHz. Down-low reach is a claimed 40Hz at 87dB sensitivity. The shown low-mass stand is optional and builds in a minor degree of rake. Together with the integrated Combo model from the music:book range shown, this is Lindemann's proposal for a do-it-all modern hifi system.

Camerton's Oleh Lizohub has already shown that a small widebander in a compact box really can deliver complete real-world bandwidth. His execution simply lives on a far taller money mountain than Linnenberg's €3'200 ask. That sum, compact dimensions and no-frills modern minimalist styling all combine to have me think that this could just be the strongest fully domesticated entry into the genre yet?

If so, well done team Bavaria where it's not just beer, pretzels, Munich High End and BMW!

PS: It's my understanding that an optional active companion sub called Groove is already on the drawing pad for those who need 25Hz.